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Sandler Webinar
February 13 - 2:00 pm

Break the Rules, Close More Sales

Join Sandler at this free, educational, and instantly applicable webinar to discover the new paradigms for peak sales performance.
2023 Sandler Summit With Dave Mattson
March 19 - 9:00 am

2024 Sandler Summit

Each new event builds exponentially upon the energy and success of the prior year. The 2023 Sandler Summit event was a huge success for everyone who attended, so don't miss the next one!
How To Sell To The Modern Buyer

How to Sell to the Modern Buyer: 52 Sandler Rules for Sales Success

Sandler updates the classic rules with a closer look at the modern buying journey, how it has changed over time, and how you can adapt to it and yet still stay true to your sales methodology.
Saleswoman using a tablet and phone to monitor their sales process

Podcast: How to Succeed at Sandler-izing Your Sales Tech Stack

Learn how to optimize your Sandler sales process by leveraging technology.

Professional Development Programs

Experiential and transformational sales and leadership training
Leading the Next Evolution of Sales

Sales Training for Revenue Generating Professionals

Our expertise is in integrating training and content into sales enabling technologies and weaving it throughout the revenue operations systems within the organization

Elevate your performance with:


Connection with the Modern Buyer

A buyer-focused discovery process to create more engaging experiences for buyers and sellers.​


Configurable Learner Journeys

Personalized for individual’s strengths and goals.


Collaborative Coaching

Modernized delivery with a blend of experiential learning, gamification, and flexible pacing.


Ongoing Reinforcement & Application

Continuous guidance for new professional and life stages.


Technology-Enabled Solutions

Adaptive content and techniques for evolving technologies.


Personal Transformation

Lasting behavior and change to succeed in and outside of profession.
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Sales Challenges

Sandler helps all revenue-generating professionals evolve to solve some of their greatest challenges.

Sales & Business Development

  • Hiring, onboarding, and retaining top talent
  • Moving the needle in sales performance
  • Common language and system for sales operations
  • Predictable methodology to take buyers through your sales process
  • Tactics and strategies which are actionable
See Our Sales Training Solutions
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Leadership & Sales Management

  • Gap in your L&D plan for leadership and managers
  • Lack of coaching, accountability, and motivational skills
  • Struggle to develop and promote internal leaders
See Our Sales Leadership Solutions
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Success Principles & Professional Development

  • Struggle with stress, motivation, self-esteem, and goal setting
  • Coaching for younger, frontline workers on business etiquette and acumen
  • Teamwork, time management, meeting agendas, or communication skills
See Our Professional Development Solutions
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Customer Success and Support

  • Communication skillsets to deal with difficult people
  • Focus on renewals instead of optimizing opportunities for expansion
  • Lack of training opportunities for inside sales teams
See Our Customer Success Solutions
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Our Achievements

30 K+

people trained per year

500 K~

hours of training around the globe each year

50 %

more salespeople hit quotas than those without Sandler

88 %

salespeople said their sales strategy improved

96 %

of clients polled would recommend Sandler

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Sales Training and Business Development at Quality and Scale

Business transformation at a global scale, with high-quality content, and proven efficacy

  • Results proven through research
  • Global footprint
  • Content designed for accessibility
  • Custom content and trainings

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Sandler is a tried and true methodology across any industry. I’ve used them four times at four companies and I’ve trained over 1,000 people.

Karl Watson,
CEO, Forterra
Karl Watson giving a testimonial


Companies are realizing that they have to be better. They have to invest in their people if they’re going to have exponential growth.
Dan & Lisa Nausley,
Chattanooga, TN
Dan and Lisa Nausley giving a testimonial


We trained 150 people. We wouldn’t be where we are in terms of where we are for staff, growth and positive culture without Sandler. My life is easier as a CEO.

Mark Cook,
CEO and Owner, Central States Industrial - CSI
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Mark Cook giving a testimonial


Sandler operates around the world. The same Sandler rules apply and work no matter what part of the world you are from.

Shaun Thomson,
United Kingdom
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Shaun Thomson giving a testimonial
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