Bartek Posmyk

Bartek is the Managing Director of the Corporate Accounts EMEA office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He develops a network of Sandler experts in Europe and coordinates large corporate projects. He specializes in cross-cultural business ventures, leveraging his European and American educational and professional experience. In the past, Bartek had helped to develop one of the first non-English speaking Sandler operations in the world, working with Sandler in Warsaw, Poland for the last 12 years. He has run some of the largest Sandler programs in Poland and has taught the Sandler approach to 3,700 students so far. He also became an advisor to the MIT Enterprise Foundation helping the Polish start-ups from energy, high-tech and fintech areas to improve their business development proficiency.

Measuring Value Levels in a Customer Journey

By Bartek Posmyk / March 20, 2020

In order to combat this frustration and fear of product obsolescence, producers offer you over-the-air updates that upgrade your product’s software to perform new tasks and make your user experience in general more satisfying.

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