Casey Coffman

Casey Coffman founded Coffman Group, Inc., an authorized Sandler Training center located in Kansas City in 1996 after a 14-year corporate career. Casey brings drive, passion and decades of goal-breaking experience to what he and his organization do best: create world-class sales professionals and help CEOs drive lasting growth through training, counsel and ongoing support. He is renowned for bringing out the best in managers, CEOs, business owners and sales professionals, while producing huge personal growth in their confidence, courage and conviction.

Common Rookie Sales Manager Mistakes

By Casey Coffman / August 14, 2017

“Just put me in coach, I’ll create miracles.”  That enthusiasm is great and can indeed have a strong impact on a sales team, but there are some common mistakes the new sales manager make: “I need you to like/accept me.”  Particularly if the new manager was promoted within, but even from the outside, there is…

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