Dave Mattson

David Mattson is the CEO and President of Sandler Training, an international training and consulting organization headquartered in the North America. Since 1986, he has been a trainer and business consultant for management, sales, interpersonal communication, corporate team building and strategic planning throughout the United States and Europe.

David is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestsellers, The Sandler Rules: 49 Timeless Selling Principles and How to Apply Them and Sandler Success Principles: 11 Insights that will change the way you think and sell. He regularly authors articles for business publications and continues to be involved in the ongoing creation and development of new Sandler training products and programs.

6 Ways Teamwork Teaches Trust

By Dave Mattson / July 30, 2015

No one trusts a simple handshake anymore. Agreements involve thick stacks of legal documents. Everywhere we look reveals a lack of trust in the world. Trust is important not just in our personal lives, but also in the workplace. When sales people do not trust each other or their managers, all sorts of problems start…

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The Social Recruiting Guide: Find the Best Potential Employees

By Dave Mattson / July 13, 2015

The world of recruiting changed drastically with the introduction of social media. New tech companies could now compete with established corporations in their recruiting strategies. Having endless connections in your industry became less important. Instead, the focus shifted to knowing how to recruit using social media. With more than 500 million people on Facebook and…

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How to Improve Productivity in a Sluggish Workplace

By Dave Mattson / July 8, 2015

When workplace productivity flounders, it is easy to give in and let the sluggish behavior drag out, leading to flat or declining results from the staff. If you notice a lazy attitude taking hold in your office, a quick response can save your office and refresh the staff’s energy. Stop sluggish behavior from occurring with these…

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Keeping Leads Warm: How Sales Managers Can Smooth the Handoff Between Marketing and Sales

By Dave Mattson / June 17, 2015

They say that time heals all wounds, but in the sales industry, time kills all deals. To keep leads warm, especially during notoriously cool selling months, sales managers need to create a smooth handoff between the marketing and sales teams. Expert sales managers understand that sales and marketing are interconnected. Leads may come into the…

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The Most Effective Ways to Motivate Sales Teams This Summer

By Dave Mattson / June 3, 2015

Summer brings longer days filled with cookouts, beach vacations, and plenty of outdoor fun, but it also tends to bring sales slumps in many industries. Customers hesitate to buy and put off making decisions during summer months, leading to low sales figures. After hearing “no” hundreds of times—or never hearing back at all—sales teams quickly…

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8 Red Flags to Avoid When Hiring

By Dave Mattson / June 1, 2015

The hiring process can be a rocky journey involving dozens of candidates and weeks of interviews. Although a painstaking process, finding the right employee for the job is crucial, and the choice should never be rushed. Employees are the ambassadors of your brand, not to mention the money your company invests in each new employee. It costs an…

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20 Helpful Tools for Sales Experts

By Dave Mattson / May 15, 2015

To be a great salesperson, you need to have more than charm and a positive attitude. Today’s sales environment requires you to utilize advanced tools in your sales process. We dug deep into our sales tool belt to provide you with some of the most advanced and highly rated programs and apps. Try out a…

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Why Are Training and Development Important?

By Dave Mattson / April 28, 2015

Ask any great sales manager, and they will tell you: Training and development are the cornerstones of building an exceptional sales team. They help salespeople continue to grow and become more effective. A manager wouldn’t simply hire a new member and leaving the fresh hire to their own devices. New employees need guidance to become proficient…

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50 Leadership Classics to Start Reading Right Now

By Dave Mattson / April 24, 2015

Effective leadership is not something that you achieve, but rather something you develop and change throughout your life. There’s no substitute for experience, but thankfully you can borrow from others’ knowledge to improve your own. That’s where reading comes in handy. These best-selling books offer useful resources for maintaining your edge as not just a manager, but…

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5 Ways Millennials Will Make Great Managers

By Dave Mattson / April 24, 2015

In the past ten years, Millennials have been entering the workplace more than ever. While some may still view Generation Y as overeager interns, these developing leaders are becoming the future of successful business. And while it is easy to view a younger generation as lacking in knowledge and experience, the truth is Millennials have…

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