Don Jones

Don has over thirty years of experience in sales, sales training and senior management. He is an Executive Coach at Sandler Training in the Global Accounts division training corporate clients. Don has been recognized for achieving outstanding bottom-line results in a series of complex, business building and troubleshooting missions, in executive roles at IBM, American Express, Sears, Tellabs and Gateway Computers.

How to Survive Your First Job in Sales

By Don Jones / May 19, 2014

Congratulations, you’re now a college graduate! You spent four years getting to know the lay of the land and at the start of every semester a syllabus told you what to expect in the coming weeks. Your path to success was carefully mapped out and only you could derail that plan. Life was good. Fast…

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Banking Success: Transactions and Interactions

By Don Jones / May 7, 2013

Quick poll: When was the last time you stepped foot in your bank? From drive-through bank windows to more recent banking amenities like online banking and mobile apps, banks have practically been encouraging customers to stay away for years. Along with the conveniences for the customers, banks benefitted from less overhead and an increased focus…

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