Haley & Hamish

In 2018 and 2019, Hamish Knox and Haley Ayraud Haggerty were invited to speak at the Sandler Summit and together they have created a superstar event with quite a following. They are both known for their expertise on accountability and their ability to bring sales leadership to life. For the third time in a row, this dynamic duo has been invited back on stage to present to you a live show on how to have all three of these conversations in one week. Hamish Knox hails from Calgary, Alberta Canada, and Haley Ayraud Haggerty hails from Boston, MA.

The Accountability Triple Crown – Tuning In To Why Accountability Is So Hard!

By Haley & Hamish / February 20, 2020

Many of you reading this article right now have a team (or teams) of people that report to you in some form or another. As you think about those people, your time spent leading them, managing them, coaching them, developing them, working with them, and yes… all of the other things you have to do as part of your roles or responsibilities, it doesn’t leave much time to add on a thorough accountability process to that list… or does it?

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