Jim Dunn

In 1992, Jim Dunn founded Dunn Enterprises of the Carolinas, LLC, an authorized Sandler Training® center located in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. Jim helps people and companies realize their full potential; he trains and coaches’ business professionals who believe in growth achieved through on-going reinforcement. He works with Presidents, CEO’s and VP’s of sales, specifically in the areas of negotiating skills, prospecting capabilities, and the hiring and developing of salespeople to become over-achievers.

Jim has over twenty years of training and public speaking experience in sales and sales management. Beginning his selling career after graduating from East Carolina University, Jim was in competitive (territorial) healthcare sales for more than ten years before becoming the first Sandler Training office in the Carolinas.

Want to Stand Out in Sales? Work on Your 30-second Pain Pitch

By Jim Dunn / December 6, 2010

Why should we buy from you? What makes you different than my current _______? Why should I invite you in to see me? We are already doing business with you so why should we look at this new product /service? Sound familiar? A bit tired of hearing this? Get used to it. This is simply…

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