Joe Ippolito

One Reason Sales Leaders Fail as Coaches

By Joe Ippolito / January 3, 2019

There is much research proving that proper sales coaching can lift your sales by 20% or more. Not only does coaching increase revenues, but it also builds a culture of self-sufficiency, growth, and retention. When I talk to sales leaders and ask them if they coach their teams, the ones that do, find themselves more…

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5 Ways to Motivate Your Salespeople

By Joe Ippolito / December 6, 2018

If I asked a group of sales leaders, what motivates their salespeople, money is going to come up more often than not. And yes, money is important as it does pay the bills. And for some, money can be used as a scorecard. But are true high performers only motivated by money? If this were…

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How to Run Demos That Win the Sale!

By Joe Ippolito / April 11, 2018

Todd finally learned that he had lost the large deal. He was confused and thought his demo had gone well.  A month had passed since he was told by the prospect that he had “done a good job presenting his software!”  What could have gone wrong? Some of the most talented sales professionals don’t know…

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Why Sales Leaders Fail and What You Can Do About It!

By Joe Ippolito / July 13, 2017

Did you know that the average tenure of a Sales VP is only between 24-32 months? They barely have time to unpack their bags and get settled before they are looking for another position. In the meantime, the company has not only lost its Sales VP but probably its best salesperson as well. Why is this? And…

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How to Build a Championship Sales Team

By Joe Ippolito / April 4, 2017

Developing a championship caliber sales team should be the goal of any sales leader. All champions, whether it is the Cubs, Patriots or newly crowned, Tarheels, are focused on doing their individual roles as well as possible, committed to the on-going improvement of themselves and the team, the culture sets high expectations, and the teams win. As difficult as…

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Stop Handling Objections and Start Preventing Them!

By Joe Ippolito / March 30, 2017

In working with thousands of salespeople and sales managers, a consistent area of concern they have is to improve on their stall and objection handling skills. When prospects say things like “we’re not quite ready,” “your price is too high,” “were staying where we are,” “you do the same thing my current supplier does,” I…

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