Marcus Cauchi

Marcus Cauchi is a licensed Sandler trainer located in the southeast region of the United Kingdom where he has been successfully serving his clients since 2004. He is an engaging and challenging speaker on sales, sales management, company turn around, achieving maximum cash at exit and successful recruitment of salespeople. Marcus has trained thousands of salespeople, managers and business owners across 400+ sectors of the market.

Managers: Beware of the “Critical Parent” This Quarter

By Marcus Cauchi / March 1, 2018

In the start of the second quarter, many manager discussions with underperforming salespeople are about to backfire – because they will begin with messages like: Bill, it’s time for you to start thinking about how you’re going to hit your numbers. I warned you about this, Bill. You’re way behind where you ought to be…

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How to Live a Drama-Free Sales Career

By Marcus Cauchi / February 15, 2018

This article discusses concepts and strategies from our No Guts, No Gain assertiveness program. This self-study program was designed from David Sandler’s teachings on goal-setting, getting tough, and avoiding game and powerplays. A Lesson in Authenticity The ‘drama triangle’ is a social model developed by Stephen Karpman, a student under Eric Bern – the father of the…

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You Can’t Motivate Anyone

By Marcus Cauchi / May 19, 2016

You cannot motivate anyone to do anything ever. Why? Because motivation is an internal force. It stems from personal responsibility and the individual believe they can control their own destiny. Your motivation cannot be transferred to them. You can inspire. You can teach people (and yourself) to find the motivation to get done what needs…

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