Mark McGraw

Mark McGraw started using Sandler with his team in Corporate America. After 16 years, he left the corporate world to coach and train full-time and founded Sales Engine, LLC, an authorized Sandler training center located in Georgia. In 2017, Mark received the prestigious David H. Sandler Award, which recognizes his outstanding dedication through the embodiment of Sandler principles. Mark's professional goal is to help people see and achieve a higher vision for themselves.

It’s Not About Presenting, It’s About Selling

By Mark McGraw / August 15, 2017

I was working with one of my clients who’s been around Sandler Trainer for over eight years when I made a comment that caused him to stop and pause. The Sandler Rule was, “The best presentation you will ever give, the prospect will never see.” I made this statement about the fact that it’s not…

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Motivation is for Amateurs

By Mark McGraw / May 2, 2017

I’m often asked by managers, “How do I motivate my people?” While I always appreciate the question, it’s the wrong question to ask. The reason being is that if we must motivate our people as managers, we’re working too hard. The reality is that the best people don’t need motivation. Inspiration yes, but not motivation.…

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