Mike Jones, Ken Guest

Mike Jones is the owner of The Ruby Group, LLC, a licensed Sandler Training center. He has deep personal experience in the manufacturing and logistics space, and in many other industries, notably professional services.

Ken Guest is an Associate at The Ruby Group, LLC. He has extensive experience in sales, sales management, recruiting, training, and consulting in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, logistics, and professional services.

Jones and Guest are the authors of the book, Selling in Manufacturing and Logistics: The Twelve Key Strategies for Managers and Salespeople, which outlines a proven twelve-point system for sales success within these mature vertical sectors of the economy, where traditional sales methods are ineffective.

The Prospecting Paradox: Maximizing the Passive

By Mike Jones and Ken Guest / June 6, 2019

Most salespeople who need to prospect for a living will tell you that it’s a very proactive, immediate results-driven exercise that can be uncomfortable at times. Hard to disagree with that. This is a topic that we get involved with far too often as it’s a common point of frustration for many business owners and…

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Leveraging LinkedIn During One-on-One Meetings

By Mike Jones and Ken Guest / March 7, 2019

This strategy involves face-to-face contact with people you already know, and thus isn’t technically an example of digital prospecting. Even so, it’s a best practice we use and have coached others to use as a means of generating substantially larger numbers of referrals via LinkedIn. When you schedule a meeting with one of your contacts…

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Why Digital Prospecting Matters

By Mike Jones and Ken Guest / February 26, 2019

Let’s start by talking about the elephant in the room: Cold calling is almost every salesperson’s least favorite topic. In fact, the only two groups who like the idea of cold calling are those who have never done it and sales managers. What do we mean by “cold calling?” Before the Internet, there were two…

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Digital Prospecting: The Least You Need to Do

By Mike Jones and Ken Guest / May 17, 2018

We’re sometimes asked what the bare minimum should be in terms of digital prospecting ability for an individual salesperson. Below, our list of five things we believe every salesperson, operating in any industry, should be able to do in terms of digital prospecting. If for some reason you can’t do this much right now, you should learn…

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