Patrick McManamon

Patrick McManamon is the President of an authorized Sandler Training® center located in Jacksonville, Florida. Pat has trained salespeople with diversified backgrounds and experience levels in the medical, financial and insurance industries. To date, Pat has trained over 1600 salespeople nationwide. He received a Trainer Excellence Award from UNF. Pat has also been recognized by Certified Sales and Marketing International (an ISO 9002 company) as achieving The Certification in Sales Designation.

Pat’s success in sales training is evident in the consistent level of results that his clients experience. His clients learn to professionally and efficiently focus on "qualified" prospects, shortening the sales cycle by as much as 40%, and teaching detailed processes that work to benefit not only the salesperson and his company, but their clients as well.

Be Intentional About Goal Time and Goal Facilitation

By Patrick McManamon / May 7, 2020

[ExecuNet] What is the big difference between a manager and a leader? Here is one that I’ve noticed. Great leaders are intentional about “goal time.” Let me explain. First, what do I mean by “intentional?” Managers who become truly effective as leaders embrace their management role by establishing for themselves minimum standards of performance and…

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4 Mistakes Sales Leaders Make When It Comes To Motivating Their Team

By Patrick McManamon / March 16, 2020

[HR Magazine] Everyone wants a motivated, engaged, and goal-oriented sales force. But sometimes sales leaders make choices that don’t support the emergence of such a team. Below are the four most common mistakes I’ve seen managers make in this area, mistakes that have a way of keeping members of the sales team distracted, disengaged, and…

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Sales Training Is Useless without a Proper Diagnosis

By Patrick McManamon / November 3, 2010

What really goes on with a doctor’s visit? Ideally, you realize that you have some symptoms that are preventing you from functioning at 100%. You then get an appointment with the doctor, they ask you a fair amount of questions about your symptoms and lifestyle, and then they make some recommendations-usually involving a prescription of…

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