Paul Lanigan

Paul Lanigan is the Managing Director of an authorized Sandler Training® center in Dublin, Ireland. Paul is known for entertaining as he enlightens, combining colorful personal experiences to give clients a fresh, unflinching perspective on the sales process. His unique brand of sales training is generously spiced with humorous and relevant stories garnered during an eventful 25-year sales and sales management career.

The highlight of Paul's programs is the "no-holds-barred" interaction that results. When the dust settles, it's clear to everyone in the room that Paul can walk the talk. Paul brings his leadership skills, honed by his experience in both large and small technology organizations and as an entrepreneur, to every engagement.

Inside Sales Tip: Use A Cookbook

By Paul Lanigan / May 3, 2018

Inside salespeople who find themselves behind quota may assign their performance problems to any number of factors beyond their control: the economy, the competition, the weather. But the reality is that the single most common reason for this problem lies in something they do control: their choice to use, or not to use, a cookbook.…

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Perception is the New Reality and Content is Dead

By Paul Lanigan / July 13, 2011

What happens when Joshua Bell, one of the world’s finest musicians goes incognito in a busy subway in Washington’s business district? What happens when a musician who can command $1,000 per minute, takes his priceless Stradivari, dons a baseball cap, occupies a corner in a busy Washington subway, and puts on a virtuoso performance for…

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Are You Financially Independent?: Change Your Attitude Towards Price Negotiations

By Paul Lanigan / November 15, 2010

“How and when you discuss money during your sales process has a greater impact on selling success than your price” A few years ago, I engaged the serivces of a Dublin based PR company to help me promote an event I was organising. I found the two partners of the firm to be pleasant hosts…

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