Peter Banerjea

Peter Banerjea is Co-Founder of Startup Voyager, a content marketing agency and a blog about startup growth stories. Peter’s work has appeared in places like Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Huffpost, Inc. and Lifehacker. He has also spoken on leadership and marketing for organizations like British Telecom, AXA, Kuoni, IHS Markit, JCB and GKN.

3 Ways Your Sales Team Can Work With Your Content Team To Increase Conversions

By Peter Banerjea / June 20, 2019

Many organizations underestimate the power of content when it comes to boosting sales conversions. With the right content metrics in place, your sales team will be better prepared to tackle – and close – a lead successfully. They’ll be more informed of what potential customers want and will be able to reach out at the…

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