Tom Ziglar

Tom Ziglar is the CEO of Ziglar, Inc., and carries on the Ziglar organization’s philosophy, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Through Ziglar and Sandler’s strategic alliance, the combined offerings create a powerful learning path for professionals of all levels and generations throughout an organization.

The Secret to Coaching High Performers

By Tom Ziglar / December 12, 2019

Discover the secrets and benefits of coaching top performers within your sales organization from Tom Ziglar.

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Sales Leaders: Schedule a 90-Day “Heart-to-Heart”

By Tom Ziglar / May 7, 2019

There’s a tendency on the part of some managers to expect their new sales hires to “hit the ground running.” Often, managers justify this expectation by telling themselves that they only hire “self-starters.” Both of these assumptions are part of an ineffective hire-and-forget approach, one that can and should be remedied by a solid onboarding…

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Managers: How to Close an Employee’s Skill Gap

By Tom Ziglar / February 21, 2019

Let’s say you’re the manager of a team and, for whatever reason, you realize that someone who reports to you is missing an essential skill. What do you do? This is a common situation. One day, you notice that there’s a major difference between what this person needs to do in order to succeed in this position…

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Sales Leaders, Connect the Dots! How Motivation Plays into Goal Setting in 2019

By Tom Ziglar / January 10, 2019

Sales Leaders, Connect the Dots! How Motivation Plays into Goal Setting in 2019 All too often, what holds salespeople back in terms of reaching their potential is not a missing sales skill or an improperly applied technique. More often than managers like to imagine, the problem is a failure of leadership. Here’s what I mean…

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