5 Things You’re Focusing Too Much Time on that Could Affect Business Growth

5 Things You’re Focusing Too Much Time on that Could Affect Business Growth

Giving sales-related tasks their due diligence is part of growing your business. As business growth occurs, you have to divide your time amongst more tasks, more clients, more sales team members…you can see where this is going. The busier you get, the easier it is to fall into the trap of ‘busy work,’ or tasks that make you feel like you’re accomplishing things but actually detract from business success. Let’s take a look at a few typical time-wasters and how they can negatively impact time management and the successful growth of your business.

Typical Time-Wasters that Impact Business Growth

1. Overthinking Administrative Duties. As a sales manager or small business owner, you’ve got more than your share of administrative duties to tend to each day. If you can delegate some of these tasks, do so. Otherwise, set a time limit for administrative duties and tend to them in a time-efficient manner. Pay all bills in one chunk of time. Answer emails during the next time block. Order supplies and contact vendors. Chunk similar administrative tasks together for better time management.

​2. Too Much Attention to Tiny Fires. Part of business growth is experiencing growing pains. While these little hiccups are normal you shouldn’t find yourself tending to a growing number of problems. Rather than waste time being drawn into drama or putting out tiny fires, look for the root of the problems and tend to it. A bandage won’t heal a broken leg, although it might soak up some of the bleeding. Tending to root issues will eliminate time-wasting issues.

3. Keep it Simple. Don’t overcomplicate the process. For instance, if it’s time to do some prospecting. Open your customer lead database and start making calls. Don’t hem and haw about who you should or shouldn’t call, what you should say or shouldn’t say, or which other tasks you should do first before calling. Define the task that needs to be done, and do it.

4. Daily Schedule Delays. Nothing wastes more time than arriving at the office without having pre-planned your day. You may not be able to plan out every detail, but there are many parts of the day that can be mapped out in advance. Tend to this task at the end of every business day to prepare for the next. Write in your daily planner or calendar. Block out time for administrative work. Schedule appointments, phone calls and meetings. Makes notes about who you need to talk to or special projects that need your attention. This practice will greatly improve time management and increase productivity.

5. Hiding Behind Social Media. Without social media, today’s business world would not not function as thoroughly or in such a far-reaching manner. However, too much time on business-related social media can cause hours to go by without accomplishing much. Potential clients also want to hear from you via email or phone, not just through Facebook or Twitter.