ACTivation Nation – Always be Onboarding [PODCAST]

Gop Rao, the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of MindTickle joins the ACTivation Nation Podcast with the show’s host, Matt Benelli, to share more on the golden rule to always be on-boarding and the power in gamification of training and operations.

Readiness = Revenue. That’s the mantra at MindTickle. Readiness requires a systemic approach to how companies bring people in and how they onboard them with the right technical, product and customer engagement skills. However, nothing is constant, especially in this rapidly changing environment. Instead, the learning journey needs to really be a series of mini-onboardings. That includes a system of how to maintain and up-level reps; how to align and communicate on an ongoing basis; how to measure, identify gaps and remediate or reinforce those gaps; and so on.

In other words, always be onboarding. For sales enablement leaders, that means that they need to be thinking about how to continuously improve the onboarding process, especially in a world where many people hired over the past few months have never even met their manager in person. Gop shares some of the biggest challenges faced by sales enablement today and the fundamental questions that many may not be asking in the first place, “Are you capable of doing the role that I need you to uniquely do in the context of my business and customers’ needs?” 

As Gop further explains, “Rather than trying to solve for every possible solution, and drowning your reps in a ton of content that they need to be hyper-certified on, start really focusing on the behavioral components that make a great rep, a great rep.”

Listen to the conversation with Gop and Matt on this week’s ACTivation Nation as they talk more about the value of gamification, simulations, social learnings and more.