Dano Ybarra, International speaker and best-selling author of Guiding Your Raft, 17 Lessons in Leadership to Safely Guide Your Business Through Calm and Tumultuous Waters, joins the ACTivation Nation Podcast with the show’s host, Matt Benelli, to share some of his favorite stories – including learning from Steve Jobs, listening to his better half to get the big deal, and changing the rules to win the game.

How does a guy brought up on a ranch in central Oregon end up whispering the idea of the Apple Store (sort of) into the ear of Steve Jobs? Danno Ybarra walks ACTivation Nation listeners through quite a series of stories. Starting at Adobe, segueing into Apple, reflecting on the days of selling waterbeds and ending with a good old sheep show. Yes, sheep show.

Through it all, the same principles Danno includes in his book Guiding Your Raft, weave throughout his stories. Some of the advice he shares includes asking better questions (even if you’re solidly an introvert), being prepared, and changing the rules.

His steadfast application of such simple rules caught the attention of Steve Jobs, who he consulted for back when Jobs transitioned back to Apple. While consulting for Jobs, he informed the tech legend that his existing relationship with Apple channel partners wasn’t going to work. But he had an idea! A genius idea…which he shares with Matt on the podcast.

For the sales leaders and executives listening, Danno also shares stories about success vs. failure and how listening to your customers 100% may not be the sound advice you thought it was. As he explains:

“Look where the puck is going, not where it is right now. It's trying to see trajectories, trying to understand problems that other people don't even recognize they're going to run into yet. Because by the time you develop a solution to a problem, that's here today, that problem has changed. It's moved now. When you can balance those two - the customer feedback and where you think things are going to go, that's when you strike gold.”

One final takeaway from Danno – listen to your wife (or spouse). She clearly knows what she is talking about.

Listen to the conversation with Danno and Matt on this week’s ACTivation Nation.


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