ACTivation Nation – Persistence Beats Resistance [PODCAST]

A 22-year story of excellence and success, Peter Chase of Scribe Software and now AccelARRate shares with the show’s host, Matt Benelli, more about finding your own course, coaching versus micro-managing, finding out how to avoid having ‘Sheldon’ sabotage big sales, and understanding that what the customer thinks really is King!  

As a self-proclaimed “recovering accountant,” Peter shares what inspired him to take action and eventually build Scribe and AccelARRate. Throughout their successes and failures, he continuously applied the mantra, “persistence beats resistance.”

A few good lessons that listeners can benefit from hearing, came out of Peter’s experience. Number one is you don’t have to love prospecting… you just need to do it. Peter talked about trade shows and networking and how he didn’t really like doing those things. He also talked about the successful people on the team who were making the calls, even when they were working on the biggest deal of the year, so that they had a full pipeline next quarter. It was getting out there and pushing the extra mile that paid off eventually.

Number two, prospects buy for their reasons, on their timelines, all the time. They don’t care about the salesperson. Peter talked about Sheldon, a persona that rarely revealed himself, but very often killed deals.

As Peter explained, “We would show this beautiful UI and the product managers thought that was great. But what we dubbed the Sheldons, these CTOs and the technical architects, only saw problems. ‘What happens if it breaks? What if we need to fix it? What if you need to upgrade it?’ So, we were taking this beautiful UI and pushing it out to everybody, thinking this was the best thing and realized that we were alienating a really important person in the process that sat in the background, didn’t reveal themselves generally, but killed our deals. It was a hard persona to uncover, but once we did, we realized we needed to make some adjustments in how we executed.”

Number three, for each opportunity, we either win or we get a lesson learned. Peter shared an unusual story of Scribe’s CEO, Sean McGowan, and his response to the sales team losing one of the biggest deals of the year. Rather than get mad and scold the team for such a lousy job, he looked at it as an opportunity to learn and said, “this is going to be the best loss of 2017.” That support from the top to be able to take action and fail -and then learn from that failure – is what makes better sales reps, better teams, and better leaders. Listen to more of the conversation with Peter and Matt on this week’s ACTivation Nation as they talk more about introverts, micromanagers, and the grinch deal that almost stole Christmas.