ACTivation Nation – Selling to the “Amazon-ized” Buyer [PODCAST]

It’s been said many times over the past year, that sales reps with skills learned through the inside sales or digital sales organizations are the ones that rose to the top during the pandemic. However, Bob Perkins, Chairman of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, contends during his interview with ACTivation host Matt Benelli, that there has been a virtual movement afoot even pre-COVID, and we still have quite a long way to go.

Perkins explains, “Let’s first put ourselves in the seat of the buyer, the decision-maker. I like to say today’s modern-day buyer has been “Amazon-ized.”

What does that mean? Perkins clarifies that today’s buyers do all their shopping on online, on the web, on Amazon, and they’re used to a point-and-click chat. They look at the reviews and look up the research on the product. An entire market has been “Amazon-ized”, and this type of buyer experience has seeped its way into corporate purchases. Today, it’s natural to fire up a Zoom meeting and hold a quality meeting without having to get into a conference room. The buying process has changed. However, the selling process had to adapt years ago, pre COVID.  In fact, Perkins predicts a rebound of the face-to-face as it will become an extra nice touch to meet face to face.

Although sales teams have become so much more tech-enabled, there is still a long way to go in learning how to blend technology with a human touch. Perkins claims that he listens to hundreds of sales calls and still finds that that sales talks to much. Now more than ever, it’s important to understand the customer’s needs. With everything happening so quickly, it’s important to remember that a buyer is still a person, and the personalized side of selling is critical.

“We still need to learn the best way to communicate, the best way to build trust, the best way to help uncover needs, and provide solutions that will help businesses and help people.”