ACTivation Nation – The Truth-Seeking Missile [PODCAST]

Amit Bendov, the Co-Founder & CEO of, joins the ACTivation Nation Podcast with the show’s host, Matt Benelli, to share how “the quarter from hell” sparked the idea that sometimes the information that we’re looking for in our CRM isn’t in the standard sales figures – such as the number of phone calls or conversion rates – but rather, lies in the actual customer interactions that our customer-facing reps don’t always capture and record within the system.

In starting Gong, what dawned on Amit, is that most CRMs are built for the leadership team to view forecast and higher-level insights. These insights often rely on the opinion of the salespeople, and certainly, they may not always tell the exact truth when a deal is lost. In fact, often times, the last CRM note may be something like, “Customer is excited for the POC discussion in a few weeks” with no honest follow up as to why an opportunity suddenly evaporated. Salespeople aren’t in a rush to include truthful reasons for a lost deal, such as, “I failed to uncover value.”

That’s where Gong came in, as the “truth seeking missile” that automatically gathers like data from the customer’s mouth instead of relying on the abridged version that is sometimes entered by the reps. It allows everyone with access to the system to capture reality at the source, without the filtered view of the customer-facing rep responsible for reporting. That is where Gong’s “no sugar” attitude comes in. Rather than spending time sugar coating, understanding the customer’s reality allows the leadership and sales reps to work together to cut the sugar, and solve problems.

As Amit shares with Matt, “I’ve been like an avid CRM user since the nineties. But the stuff that people put in isn’t really the truth, it’s their opinion of what happened or what they put in, right? Then I thought, is there a system that automatically gathers data from the customer’s mouth — instead of relying on the abridged version that is sometimes entered by the reps? Can we capture reality at the source, without anybody having to lift a finger?” That’s called a reality system. Listen to the conversation with Amit and Matt on this week’s ACTivation Nation as they talk more about “no sugar,” changing the path to success, and Amit’s “extra degree” moment in his career.