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29 July 2019

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Cornerstone On-Demand

Cornerstone On-Demand

We have paired our training methodologies with the best in modern learning solutions.

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You don’t need better salespeople; you need better sales training.

What does it take to succeed at sales? It’s not about charisma, being pushy, or being a natural born salesperson. Being able to sell well is a skill, and because it’s a skill, you can practice it and get better. Cornerstone and Sandler have partnered to provide Sandler’s award-winning methodologies delivered in Cornerstone’s proven Microlearning lesson format.

Does your sales team struggle to:
  • Make enough prospecting calls to hit your goals?
  • Move deals forward and close more sales?
  • Negotiate win-win deals and hold profit margins?

The Sandler Selling System Microlearning Collection offers 140 high-quality, single-concept lessons that are available in the flow of work, enabling sales to adopt valuable behaviors, attitudes, and techniques over time.

Sandler | Microlearning

Imagine 100% of your sales team exceeding 100% of their quota.

Set your team up for success

Adapt and continually reinforce new behaviors, attitudes and techniques, inspiring long-term change.

Get everyone on the same page

Quickly drive consistency and realize your team’s potential by instilling shared language, culture and processes

Keep your team engaged

Instead of making the same mistakes over and over, salespeople can quickly tap into the training they need, in the flow of their workday.


How to Succeed

Every week, we take an in-depth look at the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques needed to be more successful in sales and leadership. Get the best practices collected from around the world in our popular podcast.

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Microlearning is a modern and effective approach to workplace learning that delivers targeted, multi-media lessons to employees in the flow of their workday so they can naturally learn new behaviors over time.


Cornerstone Studios Microlearning is so effective because they’ve spent years defining a proprietary framework to create a library that is binge-worthy, constantly evolving and rigorously developed.


Microlearning is 58% more engaging than other types of training, so you can trust that our relevant, actionable, and digestible lesson will result in higher adoption, engagement and lesson completion.

This Microlearning Collection Includes:

Successful on-boarding and reinforcement for sales teams. Empower salespeople with education that fosters employee growth to help reach and exceed sales goals.

Introducing the Sandler Selling System
Bonding & Building Rapport with Your Prospect
Setting Up-Front Contracts with Your Prospect
Uncovering Your Prospect’s Pain
Talking Budget with Your Prospect
Your Prospect’s Decision-Making Process
Closing the Sale: Building a Relationship to Last
Questioning Strategies
Negotiating Mastery
Creating a Prospecting Plan
Applying Transactional Analysis to Sales
Negative Reverse Selling
Introducing the Sandler Selling System
Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone
Setting and Achieving Goals
Developing Your Formula for Success

Sandler’s methodologies have been successfully adopted around the globe to drive better outcomes, and it will work for you, no matter what type or level of sales enablement you already have in place. Delivered in the flow of the salesperson’s workday as sharp, concise Cornerstone Microlearning content, the Sandler Selling System makes proven sales methodologies accessible to companies of all industries, sizes and learning needs.


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