How to Succeed at Ride-Alongs

Mike Montague interviews Antonio Garrido on How to Succeed at Ride-Alongs. Check out Antonio’s book, The 21st Century Ride-Along, at:  In this episode:

  • The purpose of Antonio’s book about doing ride-alongs the Sandler way
  • There are many different types of ride-alongs now
  • Some good and bad attitudes for ride-alongs
  • Good sales managers want their salespeople to succeed and have a great ride-along
  • Coaches watch their players perform, shouldn’t good sales managers?
  • How to set up a great ride-along
  • What’s the ideal role for the sales manager during a ride-along?
  • You need a safe word
  • An “aha” ride-along moment for Antonio that can help you
  • Antonio’s favorite Sandler rule regarding ride-alongs

Check out Antonio’s book, The 21st Century Ride-Along, at: 


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