ACTivation Nation – Extended DISC – ‘Know Thyself’ to success! [PODCAST]

Who do we need to hire as a new employee…or better yet, when we hire new employees, how do we best develop them? How do we best lead them?

These are the questions that Markku Kauppinen, President, and CEO of Extended DISC ask during the ACTivation Nation podcast with Matt Benelli. As Markku describes it, Extended DISC is a scientific assessment to identify behavioral DNA, and ultimately, the tolerance level for potential behavioral modification.

He explains, “Behavioral modifications help people to make conscious decisions about how to more effectively interact with different styles of people, and how to respond to different kinds of situations. All of us tend to a tendency to operate under autopilot. What works for us should work well for everybody. But the reality is that that is not the most effective and successful way to behave. We should always be making very clear, conscious decisions about we want to behave at this moment. The Extended DISC provides is the framework of how to make those behavioral modifications.”

All of this leads to what Markku calls “confident self-awareness.” At this level of self-awareness, people have made peace with who they are. Successful leaders understand strengths and accept weaknesses, or what Markku refers to as development areas. They then work on those development areas and are open enough with their colleagues, direct reports, and other people around them to share their personal growth journey. This gives permission for others in the organization to do the same and eventually creates a culture of continuous learning.

When sales organizations seek to hire the right employees, building a high performing team doesn’t mean hiring a group of supermen and superwomen. The key is to focus on the important strengths, and then scientifically assess candidates to understand their true behavioral strengths and the development areas that will help them to grow. 

Listen in as Matt uncovers more with Markku on building high performing teams, what we can learn from the behaviors of our favorite NFL football players and getting to your own level of “confident self-awareness.” 

Know thyself. It’s the key to success!