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How to Succeed Winning Survivor and More Sales with Chris Underwood [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / December 16, 2019

Dave Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training, interviews Chris Underwood, the most recent winner of CBS’s Survivor, on how he used Sandler sales techniques to win the show and win more deals. Chris attends Sandler Training in Chicago.

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How to Succeed at Continuing Your Growth as a Sales Leader [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / December 13, 2019

David Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training and 6-Time Best-Selling Author, talks about his fifth book, Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders.

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The Secret to Coaching High Performers

By Tom Ziglar / December 12, 2019

Discover the secrets and benefits of coaching top performers within your sales organization from Tom Ziglar.

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The Hidden ROI of Training Top Sales Talent

By Haley Katsman / December 10, 2019

Ongoing, modern training is one of the biggest investments you can make in your people. Discover the hidden ROI of training top sales talent.

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Three Great Reasons to Come to the 2020 Sandler Summit

By Dave Mattson / December 10, 2019

The 2020 Summit will be held March 4-6 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Here are three reasons you should book your slot today.

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How to Succeed at Understanding How Your Salespeople Learn and Grow [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / December 6, 2019

The How to Succeed Podcast is a public and free podcast from Sandler Training, the worldwide leader in sales, management, and customer service training.

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In Selling, Whose Year Should You Close Strong?

By Brian Sullivan / December 4, 2019

It’s that time of year. The holidays loom, there is a chill in the air, and countless articles appear providing guidance to sales representatives about how to close the year strong.

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How to Succeed at Being an Intentional Sales Manager [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / December 2, 2019

Mike Montague interviews Pat McManamon on How to Succeed at Being an Intentional Sales Manager.

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In Major Account Relationships, Retention is not a Noun

By Brian Sullivan / November 26, 2019

And we’ve all heard how even a small increase in a firm’s overall major client retention rate has an exponentially positive effect on revenues and profits.

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How to Succeed at the First 30 Seconds of a Prospecting Call [Podcast]

By Sandler Training / November 25, 2019

Mike Montague interviews Doug Cohen on How to Succeed at The First 30 Seconds of a Prospecting Call.

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