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20 Helpful Tools for Sales Experts

By Dave Mattson / May 15, 2015

To be a great salesperson, you need to have more than charm and a positive attitude. Today’s sales environment requires you to utilize advanced tools in your sales process. We dug deep into our sales tool belt to provide you with some of the most advanced and highly rated programs and apps. Try out a…

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5 New Sales Prospecting Rules to Live By in the Social Selling Era

By Dave Mattson / April 24, 2015

The explosion of social media has created lots of new opportunities for your company when it comes to sales prospecting. Utilizing the tools available to you can expand your business and be a source of continuous lead generation. Or it can cause a very embarrassing publicity nightmare. Here are five rules you should follow to…

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How Your Junior High English Teacher Can Help You Sell More Effectively

By Hamish Knox / October 10, 2014

Think back on your sales appointments over the past two weeks. How often did you use each of the following: “is there anything…” “could you…” “would you…” “can I” “I’ll follow up on… does that work for you?” Each of those questions creates an automatic reflexive (Pavlovian) response in our prospects. The response to the…

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Add a little drama

By Sandler Training / November 20, 2013

You’re meeting with a prospect. You’ve asked all the appropriate questions to uncover the prospect’s problem, concerns, desires, goals, and expectations. After fully analyzing the situation, you announce with no hesitation whatsoever, “No problem. I have exactly what you need.” Does the prospect gasp a sigh of relief, utter under his breath, “Thank goodness,” and…

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Refine Your Sales Process With a Sales Template

By Sandler Training / February 10, 2012

A sales template is defined as the step by step set of interactions you want your prospect to go through because it will give you a clear competitive advantage or otherwise increase the chances of you winning the business. An efficient sale system enables you to consistently achieve a desired outcome or set of outcomes…

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Don’t Let Your Seagull Become an Albatross

By Hamish Knox / May 31, 2011

Have you ever killed a sale by bringing up an irrelevant feature to your prospect? Something you, or probably your marketing department, thought you prospect should know about before they signed up? At Sandler, this is known as “painting seagulls in your prospect’s picture.” Unfortunately, your seagull can quickly turn into an albatross. Traditionally trained…

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Sales Training and Golf: A Lesson in Repetition

By Sandler Training / August 31, 2010

So what does a professional golfer-someone who gets paid to play the game every day-really get out of coaches and practice sessions? Trophies. As Dave Mattson outlines in the video above, golf greats like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer made winning second-nature. Sure, there was something to be said for natural ability, but any all-star…

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Video: Sandler Rule #46: There Is No Such Thing as a Good Try

By Sandler Training / August 3, 2010

Sandler Training’s Karl Scheible explains Sandler Rule #46: “There Is No Such Thing as a Good Try.” At best, “try” indicates intention, but not commitment. If the outcome of an action is important, don’t “try.” Commit to it.

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Video: Sandler’s Point of Difference

By Sandler Training / July 27, 2010

Sandler CEO Dave Mattson discusses why Sandler isn’t just your typical sales training seminar. Sandler is more than just a couple of sales tips; it’s a proven system based on continual reinforcement and incremental learning that results in a permanent behavior change.  

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