Sandler’s reinforcement is like rebar: a powerful strengthener

Abby Donnelly

Sandler's reinforcement is like rebar: a powerful strengthener

Always going. Yes, I am. My thoughts spin as fast as my tires when I’m driving to my Sandler Training center every morning. Of course, often these thoughts are on Sandler as I mentally prepare for my Foundations or President’s Club sessions.

Well, the other morning as I drove through a construction zone on the interstate it was no different, except this time I happened to really look at the old concrete the work crews were removing. Visible in the broken pieces of the road foundation were rods of rebar; the steel bars that reinforce the concrete to make it even stronger, AND MORE POWERFUL. Sandler’s tagline came to mind, “finding power in reinforcement.” It occurred to me that rebar is a perfect example of the concept.

Concrete is strong to begin with, much like Sandler’s sales training concepts which are strengthened in us through gradual, incremental growth through reinforcement, just like the calculated, repetitive use of rebar throughout a concrete slab. Instead of rebar, our constant practicing takes us from knowing to owning the Sandler Selling System.

That notion of making things that are already strong, for example, techniques like reversing, the dummy curve, and negative reverses, even stronger via ongoing reinforcement is a key factor in the success of Sandler-trained sales professionals. When we add the dimensions of our attitude and behavior to technique, we further strengthen the foundation for our success.

Reinforcement contrasts sharply with the experience of traditionally trained Wally Weakcloser. Wally attends a sales workshop here and another one there, taking copious notes which he then files away for future reference. He gets revved up to perform as “Super Salesperson,” but his enthusiasm quickly fades when the going gets tough. And the pep talks by his sales manager don’t give him enough fuel to travel the long haul. Without a system like Sandler, which constantly reinforces concepts for continuous growth in the sales process, Wally has to run on his own steam. He just doesn’t have the tools or the drive to go the distance for SUCCESS.

I think we can take this Sandler roadway analogy one step further. Once we have laid a solid foundation made even stronger through reinforcement, we have a veritable superhighway to take us efficiently to our planned goal/destination, without stops and starts, potholes and dead ends.

The way to become a better salesperson is to utilize the Sandler Selling System to find POWER through reinforcement, concrete and rebar.