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At its core, Sandler is a sales and management training company. We aim to provide valuable insight and applicable strategies and tactics to allow our clients to be more successful in their businesses. Therefore, we’re always excited to share those who have partnered with us on their journey to success.

Below are 10 examples of success stories to keep you motivated in 2018!

Success Stories 1

Are you motivated by selling more? Sandler Trainer, Rochelle Carrington, helped her client increase his sales by 30%!

Success Stories 2

Success isn’t always in the numbers. Calley was motivated by eliminating negative thoughts that consumed her sales process. Now, with a clear mind, she’s able to achieve an unprecedented level of focus and drive. 

Success Story 3

Sometimes, it takes reflection and planning to break through a sales plateau. Sandler Trainer, Doug Cohen understands that in order to be successful, one needs to understand how to alleviate their clients’ pains. In this case, it was helping a client create pain in order to experience success!

Success Story 5

Team success can be even more rewarding than personal growth. After devoting time and attention to business-to-business growth, one Sandler client was able grow their sales team and triple their sales!

Success Story 6

Sondeep was able to enjoy more success than ever before, just by dedicating himself to a consistent journaling process on a daily basis. Sometimes the greatest wins come from the smallest actions!

Success Story 7

The Sandler Training center located in Utah helped Stacy become more confident and polished in her sales approach, by teaching her the best strategies to manage time effectively and be more productive.

Success Story 8

You don’t need to be a veteran to reap the benefits of sales training. Sometimes effective sales training is exactly what you need to get off the ground!

Success Story 9

Successful people are those that are willing to do things that unsuccessful people are not. Sandler Trainer, Eric Warner helped his client develop a stronger sales approach and process.

Success Story 10

Success isn’t achieved over night – it takes hard work, dedication, and reinforcement. Take Sandler Trainer Anneli Thomson for example! It all starts with making sure you’re being the best version of yourself each and every day.

Success Story 11

Jerry knew he couldn’t be successful simply going through the motions. When he wanted to accelerate his growth, he needed a plan. No more winging it!

Everyone has different goals and visions of the future. What successes will you enjoy in 2018?

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Posted February 20, 2018

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