Video: Creating a Recipe for Success

In the video above, Sandler’s CEO, Dave Mattson, explains how someone comes to figure out their recipe for success. After countless trials and experimentation, you have to take the time to sit down and analyze what strategies have worked for you, and what strategies could use some more work. While many salespeople may view non-client time as wasteful, self-assessment and evaluation can mold you into a more efficient professional who is fully aware of what they can offer in every sales situation.

Once you pin down your strengths and finally get the core of your recipe set in stone, practice. Repeat. Keep going. Reinforce every part of your sales process over and over until your recipe is something that satisfies you and draws the envy of others. Bad salespeople complain about the limitations of their product when things aren’t going well, but good salespeople recognize that their product is themselves. Continually work on your own sales recipe, and prospects will eventually be unable to resist.

Luckily for many out there, Sandler has found that secret recipe for sales training. If you want a taste, give us a call.