Video: Sandler Rule #36: Only Decision Makers Can Get Others to Make Decisions

Mike Montague

As a salesperson, your objective is to get your prospect to make a decision. Obviously, a “yes, I will work with you” is better than a “no, thanks.” But even getting to that decision can be a chore for some.

But in order to get to that final decision, the salesperson has to make some decisions of their own. As Ken Edmundson discusses in the video above, there is no shortage of choices that have to be made-some taking place before the sales process even gets started.

In controlling your sales process by avoiding hesitation and making clear go/no-go decisions, you are effectively moving the sales process forward with fewer delays and more conviction. While the prospect’s decision is your ultimate goal, you are actually the most important decision maker in the sales process.

Sales professionals have to deal with enough “think it over” responses from prospects. The faster you are in making your own decisions, the shorter the wait will be before the prospect makes theirs. Be decisive, or else your prospect won’t be.