Songwon Industrial Group

Sandler Case Study - Songwon

SONGWON has grown to become the world’s 2nd global leader in polymer additives.


Songwon Industrial Group was looking for a partner to help their sales staff be more proactive in their sales strategies, develop enterprise sales skills, and reverse the trend of selling their polymer products solely on discounts in a transactional market. Sandler was chosen by Songwon to guide their sales team on how to demonstrate value and help them realize the premium they could receive when effectively negotiating and selling their products in highly-competitive commodity markets.


An extensive audit during the discovery phase of training found that the main objective was to change the attitude and behavior of the Songwon team when planning and negotiating. They needed to become proactive and create a culture of planning which included territory planning, account planning and planning each sales meeting.

Our lead trainer was selected for his work with premium suppliers in commodity markets and his extensive track record in maximizing industrial commodity products and selling into OEM. The team of trainers put a strong emphasis on real-life scenario role play, supported by individual pre-reading and pre-work, team workshops and follow-up one-on-one coaching sessions. We created a series of tools which help the Songwon sales team plan sales territories, activities and sales calls. We also created a process to eliminate unnecessary discounts which was destroying necessary margin needed to invest back into the company.


Songwon has made the Sandler Negotiation Matrix part of the process to review pricing internally with all business unit managers for those customers where it makes sense. They have added to the Negotiation Matrix for budget and total potential so that management has a complete view of the data needed to make a decision. Songwon is also adding option to add the Negotiation Matrix and the Pre-Call Planner to their CRM and are challenging their team to use it more.


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