TD Industries

Sandler Case Study

One of America’s largest and most respected mechanical construction and facility services companies.


When we first met TDIndustries in 2011, it was a 65-year-old company with an ambitious 10-year growth plan. Trouble was, meeting the plan was going to be next to impossible without a drastic adjustment to its sales model. TD’s sales force was taking a reactive approach rather than a proactive one, focusing on managing and selling to existing customers rather than aggressively seeking new ones. In order to meet its growth plan, the construction side of TD’s business needed to double over 10 years; its service side needed to triple. TD didn’t have a process or a program in place to make that happen.

Sandler helped us move from being a team of ‘farmers’ to a team of ‘hunters’ when it comes to developing new business. In Sandler, we found our world-class sales training organization.


We started off by doing a lot of listening. We heard about TD’s pain, talked about its struggles, asked a lot of questions and then got to work creating a customized plan for its sales team.

The plan needed to take into account that each customer is different, requiring a multi-focused approach…

  • Boot camps for both its sales force and its sales leadership designed to help them understand the Sandler selling system, why it works and how it works.

  • Monthly webinars covering specific sales topics.

  • Quarterly reinforcement training that allowed Sandler principles to become second nature to TD’s sales force.

  • Digital library of sales training materials that TD’s team members can access whenever, wherever they want.

  • Accountability benchmarks identified by TD sales leaders with guidance from Sandler trainers.

  • Sales certification program to keep TD’s sales team working toward it’s goals.


We gave TD’s sales professionals a scientific, methodical approach to selling. We combined it with tools to guide them step-by-step through every new business opportunity. The business units that embraced the Sandler system had absolutely no issues hitting their sales goals – and, indeed, hit them for the very first time.

In less than three years, the company’s sales conversion rates went from five percent to 50 percent.

We changed the game. Now we don’t waste time on bad deals or chase RFPs like our competitors do. We create opportunities and Sandler made all the difference in helping us do that.


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