Sandler's Executive Team

Since the founding of our organization, Sandler has been driven by highly experienced professionals and performance improvement experts.

Our Leadership Team

Since the founding of our organization, Sandler has been driven by highly experienced professionals and performance improvement experts.

Dave Mattson - CEO and President
Dave Mattson

CEO & President
Mattson has been with Sandler for 30+ years and leading the organization since 2007.


Sandler COO Greg Ray
Greg Ray

Chief Operating Officer
Greg Ray joined Sandler as COO in 2019 and brings 20+ years of leadership experience in small and large global companies running operations, finance, and risk management. Ray has well-developed skills in strategic, operational/financial planning, building, and development of new strategic departments, and delivery of consumable solutions.


Damon Jones Optimized
Damon Jones

Head of Global Strategy & Growth
Damon Jones has 30+ years of experience in sales and operations leadership and has spent the last 25 years helping sales professionals and sales and service organizations improve results and raise their acumen. He believes that sales deserves the same respect and credibility as other professions and it is his mission to fulfill that ambition. 

Colum Lundt Optimized
Colum Lundt

Chief Revenue Officer of Corporate Sales & Consulting
Colum Lundt is a sales executive, consultant, and trainer with over 25 years of experience in recruiting, sales, and management. Lundt is passionate about helping to hire the right people, build the right processes, incentivize the right behavior, and foster a culture that aligns with both the values and the strategic goals of the company.


Fred Alexander
Fred Alexander

SVP, Performance Improvement
Fred Alexander joined Sandler as the SVP of Performance Improvement in 2020. Fred is a hands on proven leader with a consistent track record of building and growing high performing services organizations from start-up through maturity. He is accountable for industry vertical practices, sales enablement, implementation, and training teams.


Rachel Miller Sandler Executive Team
Rachel Miller

VP of Comm. & Publications

Rachel Miller has been with Sandler for 20+ years and is a results-driven B2B branding and marketing executive. Miller achieves strong and sustainable market gains through cost-effective digital branding and marketing strategies. She juggles both corporate HQ branding objectives with grassroots marketing support for affiliate offices.


Sarah Skeen Optimized
Sarah Skeen

VP of Learning Technology & Implementation
Sarah Conway Skeen is an L&D leader who has gained HR and financial industry business experience through years of leading teams. Skeen is energized by discovering the best new learning approaches and strategically applying them to create engaging learning programs.


Steve Howell Sandler Executive Team
Steve Howell

VP of Network Operations
Steve Howell leads the operations team responsible for onboarding and improving our 270 local training centers.



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