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The TACTIC: Don’t paint seagulls in your prospect’s picture.

By Sandler Training / December 17, 2019

Bob, a floor salesperson who really believes in pushing the sale along, had spent enough time to learn exactly how the prospect was going to use the product.

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The TACTIC: Your client is my prospect.

By Sandler Training / October 28, 2019

Customers do not pledge undying loyalty to you. Either you sell your customers every day or watch them walk away, because every day someone else is wooing them.

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The TACTIC: What would you like me to do now?

By Sandler Training / October 28, 2019

It was now 4:30 on Friday afternoon, and it was the last day of the month. Tim had been trying to close the sale for the past two hours.

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The TACTIC: Only give a presentation to confirm an order.

By Sandler Training / October 25, 2019

Unless you establish a contract up-front, the prospect has no reason to buy from you, regardless of your price, your quality or any other reason. And if the prospect does buy anyway, you were just lucky.

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The TACTIC: Give pain solutions, not educational solutions.

By Sandler Training / October 18, 2019

Pain solutions sell — educational solutions create headaches.

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The TACTIC: What you know can hurt you, so dummy up!

By Sandler Training / October 11, 2019

The most successful salesperson is an educated dummy. Being a dummy does not mean you immediately forget everything you know about the products and services that you sell.

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The TACTIC: Have prospects close themselves.

By Sandler Training / September 5, 2019

Prospects want to buy; otherwise they would not be talking to you.

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The TACTIC: Statements are NOT questions. Don’t answer them.

By Sandler Training / August 26, 2019

Statements do not require answers. If you want to know why a statement was made, ask the prospect a question.

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The TACTIC: Never answer an unasked question.

By Sandler Training / July 10, 2019

Don’t give the prospect reasons to raise objections by answering his or her unasked questions.

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The TACTIC: Get out of the way of the sale.

By Sandler Training / August 1, 2018

A prospect buys because she is allowed to discover that your product fills a need. You should not stand in the way of this process, you should help it along.

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