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The TACTIC: The problem lies within, not without

By Sandler Training / March 6, 2019

You need strong individuals, not a herd of sheep.

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The TACTIC: You start

By Sandler Training / February 22, 2019

While you probably can’t solve someone else’s problems, you can help her define them, which is the first step to solving them.

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The TACTIC: Know your problem

By Sandler Training / December 18, 2018

Make sure that the problem you need to solve is your problem and not a problem someone else needs to solve.

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The TACTIC: Lead them back from the future

By Sandler Training / November 30, 2018

Teaching someone how to alter her future behavior is more productive than passing judgment on her past behavior.

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The TACTIC: Don’t give salespeople answers

By Sandler Training / November 13, 2018

Showing someone how to solve a problem is infinitely better than solving the problem for her.

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The TACTIC: Treat salespeople like customers.

By Sandler Training / October 31, 2018

The way you treat salespeople is exactly the way they will treat their prospects and customers. If you want to have your salespeople treat their prospects and customers differently, then what do you have to do?

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The TACTIC: Don’t go through the motions

By Sandler Training / October 17, 2018

A sales manager gets exactly the type of salespeople he earns.

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The TACTIC: You don’t have salespeople

By Sandler Training / September 11, 2018

A salesperson’s picture of himself will match his sales. To change his sales, help him compose a new picture..

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The TACTIC: You don’t manage salespeople

By Sandler Training / August 22, 2018

You don’t manage salespeople; you manage individuals, and with each individual, the most you can ever manage is the individual’s behavior.

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