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The TACTIC: Never go into a box

By Sandler Training / December 17, 2019

Going into a box is a waste of time for both the salesperson and the prospect.

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The TACTIC: No mind reading.

By Sandler Training / December 11, 2019

You can’t know what a prospect means unless you ask him what he means.

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The TACTIC: You don’t have to like cold calls, you only have to make them.

By Sandler Training / December 4, 2019

Prospecting is a daily activity like breathing—If you don’t breathe, you die.

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The TACTIC: Your client is my prospect.

By Sandler Training / October 28, 2019

Customers do not pledge undying loyalty to you. Either you sell your customers every day or watch them walk away, because every day someone else is wooing them.

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The TACTIC: People do not buy features and benefits, they buy ways to avoid or overcome pain.

By Sandler Training / October 1, 2019

People in pain resent people who cannot take the pain away. You sell pain relief.

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The TACTIC: The “Send me some literature” brush-off.

By Sandler Training / September 18, 2019

“Send me some literature” is the same thing as “I already gave at the office.”

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The TACTIC: When setting appointments, always get invited in. No Begging!

By Sandler Training / August 2, 2019

Beggars do make some money. Non-beggars make more money. Which would you rather be?

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The TACTIC: New contact? It’s a new prospect.

By Sandler Training / January 23, 2019

A new prospect/contact may buy more than the previous contact. Find the new pain.

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The TACTIC: Adapt or go out of business.

By Sandler Training / January 19, 2019

Customers are yours for your lifetime if you can adapt to taking the long view.

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The TACTIC: Respect the prospect’s world

By Sandler Training / October 31, 2018

You don’t have to live in the prospect’s world to do business; you just need to let the prospect know that you respect his world.

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