What our Franchisees Say 

Sandler Trainer Andres Pupkin
Andres Pupkin [CHILE]

"We started the Sandler franchise in Chile more than five years ago. The key reason I joined Sandler is its philosophy. Success is a key factor in our lives; attitude, behavior and techniques are part of our goals. At Sandler we develop successful people."

Alberto Lopez [MEXICO]

"Sandler Training has also provided me great satisfaction at personal, professional and economic levels. If I returned 10 years from now, again I would prefer Sandler Training to any other franchisee options available on the market."

Sandler Trainer Alberto Lopez


Success means different things to different people.

Sandler Trainer Jorge Saunders
Jorge Saunders [COLOMBIA]

"My business investment in a Sandler franchise turned out to be a rewarding life experience."

Vesa Pelkonen [FINLAND]

"When I bought the Sandler Franchise, I thought I bought the way to help companies to be more successful. Now I have found out that I bought a life-changing business which makes business more successful and the people in the company more successful in their lives."

Sandler Trainer Vesa Pelkonen
Sandler Trainer Joel Lin

"The Sandler Training franchise has been a great investment that’s allowed us to build a profitable business by delivering world-class training solutions to satisfied clients."

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