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Senior Executive Solutions

What comes next for your executive team?

Management processes vs. leadership behaviors

A Specialized Skill Set is Required

Sandler's Leadership Solutions helps your bench develop these skills through progressive concepts delivered via facilitated training and coaching, supported by innovative digital workbook materials and a comprehensive video series available online 24/7.

Invest in future success.

Approximately 50% of the people promoted to C-level positions of leadership within an organization perform at less-than-expected levels.

The cross-functional team that you enroll in Sandler Leadership Solutions emerges unified, collaborative, and single-minded in purpose.

They will achieve organizational break-through goals that boost strategy, process and execution to where you've always wanted them to be.

Discover leadership development unveiled as a sustained process of growth; building on sound research, revealing assessments, interactive instruction, digital innovation, team reinforcement, break-through strategy and professional coaching.

  • Build leadership bench strength.

  • Give greater meaning and impact to succession planning.

  • Increase cohesiveness and collaboration among cross-functional managers.

  • Demonstrate to key customers that continuous improvement is taken seriously.

  • Address real issues affecting your organization.

  • Make the most of currently unexploited  corporate opportunities.

Learn how to transform yourself into a leader with these insights.

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25 Real Teamwork Tips for Managers

by Dave Mattson in Management & Leadership


Transforming Leaders—
The Sandler Way

Author and Sandler trainer Dave Arch discusses his latest book, Transforming Leaders The Sandler Way, and that you can't transform a team or an organization until you've transformed yourself. 

The book offers a user-friendly, graphically-driven guide to the 52 critical leadership lessons that support great careers and great teams. A full-color card deck supports the book.


Dave Arch - Transforming Leaders The Sandler Way

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