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A Little Courage Goes A Long Way

[] We motored up the river toward Charleston, South Carolina after a day of crashing through five and six-foot waves in the Atlantic. It was our first destination aboard the thirty-one-foot yacht Oceana, a twenty-five-year-old sailing vessel. Tired and hungry, my lifelong friend Don and I…


Why Make Your Bed In The Morning?

[] You might wonder why the military is so fanatical about making their beds every morning and making them perfectly. The reason being is, the task is simple and yet it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. The bed is made perfectly since every task we…


Goal-Setting Bootcamp

[My Quest for the Best] If your process for setting goals sucks and your business goals are half-baked, what makes you think your accomplishments are going to be great?Kevin Shulman and Bill Ringle discuss Goal-Setting Boot Camp: Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want…


Negotiating from the Inside Out

[Looking for AND] Clint has nearly 25 years experience developing and directing organizations’ recruiting and sales strategies, as well as coaching and mentoring “C-level” executives. In this episode, he and I talk about the art of business negotiation and his new book, “Negotiating from the Inside…

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Avoid These 3 Negotiation Traps

[Smart Brief] When negotiating with a client, ask questions about how your business can solve their problems instead of talking too much about features and money, writes Clint Babcock, and never make concessions without getting something in return. “Hold onto concessions for as long as you…


How to make sure your sales team is not only performing but improving in a Zoom business environment

[My Quest for the Best] Antonio Garrido and Bill Ringle discuss ways to better understand and to overcome the common mistakes of sales team coaching and management for small business leaders.

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Three Classic Negotiating Mistakes

[The Great Leadership Blog} Recently I was teaching a class on negotiation for salespeople. I set up a buyer–seller role play scenario and I asked two participants to work through the scenario in front of the rest of the class.  Both were provided with the pertinent information they…


Goal Setting Boot Camp

[Blue Heron] Are you feeling that you can’t get out of bed, that your dog ate your to-do list, that even if you set a new goal you couldn’t possibly execute during this stay-at-home hand sanitizing mask-toting twelve foot or more zoom lockdown? Well, you’re not…

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Why Training Doesn’t Work

[Training Industry] Why doesn’t training work? It’s not the material — there’s plenty of great content out there — nor is it a matter of disengaged participants. The problem lies with two issues: concept and application. There are remedies for both, but they aren’t easy.

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