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Annual Sales & Leadership Summit

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[Enterprise Selling]

Enterprise Selling & B2B Startups

If you’re used to selling to small and mid-sized organizations, you’re in for a surprise when entering the enterprise selling arena. Read these five tips from Sandler on how to become successful when working with Enterprise prospects and clients.

[Enterprise Selling]

Overcome Enterprise Selling Challenges

Watch Brian Sullivan’s session, “The Challenges in Enterprise Selling and How To Overcome Them” on Top Sales World’s Academy. Please note that the 2017 Academy presentations are free to watch.

[Enterprise Selling]

Client-Centric Satisfaction

What’s important to one client may be irrelevant to another. Read as Brian Sullivan explains the importance of customizing your client satisfaction process that is designed to increase the probability of successful delivery and account expansion.


Awarded Top 20 Sales Training Company

[Training Industry] Sandler has received the prestigious Top 20 Sales Training Companies…

[Enterprise Selling]

Social Enterprise Selling

Listen In this series of interviews, my principle objective is to enjoy dialogue with genuine sales & marketing thought leaders. In particular, I am always keen to debate the future of professional selling because we have witnessed more advances in the past 5 years than in the previous fifty and we have no reason to suspect that the current rate of change will lose any of its momentum.

[Enterprise Selling]

Spiders, Snakes, Accounts

In selling, we work with logical account groupings for both clients and prospects, adding clarity and understanding to our efforts. In the animal kingdom, we group creatures into categories that provide scientific value. Learn as Brian Sullivan creates a connection through ones understanding of account differences in terms of traits and tendencies, which help build meaningful profiles for your accounts.

[Enterprise Selling]

Customer Pain Points in Enterprise Accounts

Selling is all about solving problems, and enterprise selling is about solving more complex problems for larger companies. Dave Mattson, CEO and President of Sandler Training and co-author of SANDLER ENTERPRISE SELLING: Winning, Growing, and Retaining Major Accounts, shares how to uncover customer pain points in Enterprise accounts on SellingPower’s blog.

[Enterprise Selling]

Early Exit or Early Acceleration

As sales managers, we’re often approached by one of our reps, making the case to pursue an opportunity. “It’s a big deal”, shares the rep, “It’s right in our power swing”. Or we hear, “We’re really well-positioned” and sometimes the tantalizing, “It’s ours to lose”. Brian Sullivan, Vice President of Sandler Enterprise Selling at Sandler Training shares how an early exit or early acceleration can both be gifts for an organization and all of its stakeholders.

[Enterprise Selling]

In Enterprise Pursuits – It’s About Time

One of the most frustrating challenges sales teams face in selling into complex enterprise accounts is long, drawn-out sales cycles. How do selling organizations overcome this frustrating challenge of time while also increasing the likelihood of success? Brian Sullivan, Vice President of Sandler Enterprise Selling at Sandler Training shares his knowledge in Top Sales Magazine.

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