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Enterprise Accounts – The Seeds of Growth

Landing a large enterprise account is a big achievement, bringing with it new revenue and profit. But unlike smaller account wins, the real significance of an enterprise account victory is the huge potential for growth.

[Enterprise Selling]

In the Dark of the Night, Every Cat’s a Leopard

This old Indian saying provides great insight into enterprise selling because it reminds us how important it is to identify and understand the information that matters most about our key competitors.

[Enterprise Selling]

It’s About the Client

Often at the start of new business relationships, the sales rep explains a customer survey will be sent. What if that survey is filled with boilerplate categories that are not important to the client, yet the client may still provide ratings. Who learns from scores that have no relevance?

[Enterprise Selling]

Actionable Account Profiles

In selling, we bundle our accounts into categories to be more efficient in winning business. But what do these groupings tell you about the actual traits and tendencies of the accounts? How do they help you win, grow and keep major clients?

[Enterprise Selling]

After Your Big Enterprise Account Win

Brian provides advice on how to prevent ruining your not-quite-yet account that could be an absolute game-changer for your entire organization.

[Enterprise Selling]

It’s Not a Sales Win Till it’s In

Remember, it’s not a sales win until it’s in. The deal is not done until the deal is done. Keep it cool and read Brian Sullivan’s advise on how to remain professional and poised after a win.

[Enterprise Selling]

Bloom where you’re planted

Winning business with a large enterprise account is a significant achievement in that it brings with it new revenue and profit. But unlike successes with smaller accounts, Brian explains that the real significance of an enterprise win is in the potential for account growth.

[Enterprise Selling]

Sales Success to “Copy”

Brian began his sales career with Xerox. Many years before he arrived, Xerox made a huge strategic decision that shifted the success of their company at an annual rate of over 40% for the next twelve years. Brian shares, like Xerox, how important it is to engage your entire business model and team in generating ideas and crafting solutions. 

[Enterprise Selling]

The Quarterly Review – Business or Value?

Brian explains the Sandler Enterprise Selling view on the Quarterly Review to effectively serve your enterprise accounts throughout the continuous selling cycle.

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