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[Enterprise Selling]

Early Exit or Early Acceleration

As sales managers, we’re often approached by one of our reps, making the case to pursue an opportunity. “It’s a big deal”, shares the rep, “It’s right in our power swing”. Or we hear, “We’re really well-positioned” and sometimes the tantalizing, “It’s ours to lose”. Brian Sullivan, Vice President of Sandler Enterprise Selling at Sandler Training shares how an early exit or early acceleration can both be gifts for an organization and all of its stakeholders.

[Enterprise Selling]

In Enterprise Pursuits – It’s About Time

One of the most frustrating challenges sales teams face in selling into complex enterprise accounts is long, drawn-out sales cycles. How do selling organizations overcome this frustrating challenge of time while also increasing the likelihood of success? Brian Sullivan, Vice President of Sandler Enterprise Selling at Sandler Training shares his knowledge in Top Sales Magazine.

[Enterprise Selling]

Helping Leaders Get Ahead

Brian Sullivan worked for an organization that would bring together an executive committee to make decisions on business they wanted to pursue. Because of all of their political agendas, the system wasn’t serving the company or customers very well. Brian joined Sandler in 2012 to develop the Sandler Enterprise Selling program, a more customer-centric approach to sales that helped them to win better deals and avoid pursuing bad ones.

[Enterprise Selling]

When It Comes to Going After the ‘Big Deal’ Key Questions Remain

Brian Sullivan answers key questions that remain after the ‘Big Deal’ is landed in a guest Corp! Magazine article. Winning major opportunities with large, complex accounts can grow your business and propel your organization to new levels. But what do they really mean? What’s the real business sense for your firm in pursuing a major deal? And what’s the business risk?

[Enterprise Selling]

The ‘I’ in Team – Team Ideas

Read Brian Sullivan’s article as he shares the importance of cross-functional collaboration and team brainstorming. Sometimes, even the most amazing companies need a little help from their team to become a legend

[Enterprise Selling]

Winning, Growing and Retaining Major Accounts

Brian Sullivan, co-author of the recently published SANDLER ENTERPRISE SELLING: Winning, Growing, and Retaining Major Accounts book and Vice President of Sandler Enterprise Selling, sat down with Top Sales Magazine’s Jonathan Farrington for a great interview about the book. Brian provides and overview of Sandler Enterprise Selling and its six highly strategic stages designed to help you win, serve, and grow large, complex accounts.

[Enterprise Selling]

Put Time on Your Team

The sales cycles can be long and drawn out when selling to large enterprise organizations. Read as Brian Sullivan reveals that positives do present themselves for selling teams that are effective and organized.

[Enterprise Selling]

School for Startups Interview

Brian Sullivan was interviewed by School for Startups, which airs on Liberty Express Radio, Business Radio X, and is syndicated to 11 stations. The focus of this interview was SANDLER ENTERPRISE SELLING, which begins at 29:20 in the audio.

[Enterprise Selling]

Money for Lunch Interview

Brian Sullivan was interviewed by Money for Lunch, which aired on BlogTalkRadio and iHeartRADIO. The focus of the interview was SANDLER ENTERPRISE SELLING, which begins at 16:00 in the audio.

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