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5 Tips for Sales Pitches on LinkedIn

[Advantages Magazine] With more than 260 million monthly active users, according to Hootsuite, LinkedIn is one of the most effective B2B engagement tools available to entrepreneurs. By following these strategies, distributors can tap into the social platform to connect with decision makers and business leaders and…

[Enterprise Selling], [NEWS]

Converting the High Percentage Deals

[Sales Pop] As we know, selling’s a highly competitive business, not for the faint of heart. But we’ve been trained to follow the process and work smart. Plan, prospect, research and qualify. Identify and address prospect pains. And every day, battle other sales warriors doing the…


The Success Cadence

[Blue Heron Journal] Rapid growth operations are not just about new product development.  Authors Mattson, Schodorf and Fanelli speak to the new, energized marketing and sales people needed to make the other side of growth work.  Two of their most useful aids in this innovation book…


Retail Success in an Online World

[School for Startups] Rob Fishman is an experienced Sandler trainer who plays an important role in Sandler’s worldwide organization. He currently heads a Sandler Training Center on Long Island, New York. As an experienced business owner, Rob brings a lot of real world lessons learned to his…

[Guest Blogs], [NEWS]

Salespeople: Enter Your “Judgment-Free” Zone

[] Do you consistently create a “judgment-free” zone in your initial contacts with prospective buyers? Don’t be embarrassed if the answer is “no.” It takes some practice.   My parents often said, “You cannot, a second time, make a good first impression.” These wise words are…

[Guest Blogs], [NEWS]

Businesses Aren’t Binary So Stop Seeking Binary Solutions

[CEO World Magazine] Humans are lazy, impatient and afraid of change, which enabled us to build the cities and societies we enjoy today; however, those hard-wired attributes often cause those of us in business to reach for binary solutions to non-binary problems.

[Enterprise Selling], [NEWS]

The Black Boxes of Lost Deals

[Top Sales Magazine] In selling to and serving major accounts, long term relationships involve streams of transactions over time with many different types of opportunities and pursuits. And regardless of the effectiveness of your sales model, the cruel truth is that losing happens.

[Enterprise Selling], [NEWS]

Brainstorming the Problems and the Opportunities!

We’re all familiar with brainstorming and its many forms. The collaborative process of creatively solving problems is generally credited to Alex Osborn, a US advertising executive. His book, Applied Imagination, detailed the teaming approach that he used to win business with firms like GE, Chrysler and DuPont. He figured out that in dealing with the multitude of problems in such major accounts, a process could be a huge competitive advantage.

[Guest Blogs], [NEWS]

3 Ways To Improve Your Sales Team’s Talent Acquisition Plan

[] A sales team’s working culture is all-important … and a positive working culture lives or dies with the sales team’s talent acquisition model.  Motivated, capable people are the single most important strategic resource for sales leaders, and by extension for the organizations they serve. Most…

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