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David Mattson of Sandler Training: “How To Be Great At Sales Without Seeming Salesey”

[Authority Magazine] Sales should be a pull process, not a push process. People love to buy, but they hate to be sold. A professional salesperson should be listening more than talking — following the old adage about us all having two ears and one mouth for…

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The 5 Overarching Management Principles

[] Managers and leaders, take a look at your job description.  Now take a look at the job description from your previous role…and the one before that. How vastly different are they? In fact, take a look at the ‘Roles and Responsibilities’, or ‘Job Description’ documents…

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Gold Medals Don’t Just Happen: How To Win At Sales

[] Great salespeople are like great athletes in many ways. Gold medals do not just happen for athletes. They are the result of long periods of training, endless repetition of the fundamentals, and an ongoing, relentless emphasis on identifying and living the right behaviours, the right…

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Think like an athlete – self-motivate with goal-setting

[Strategy Driven] Steve Redgrave, CBE, DL is arguably the greatest British Olympian. As a rower, Redgrave won gold medals at five consecutive Olympic Games. When asked to explain his success, Redgrave explained: “Self-belief is probably the most crucial factor in sporting success. The bodies are roughly…

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Beware Our Tendency To Overcorrect After Crisis

[CEOWorld Magazine] Picture two early humans. One is our shared ancestor. The other is their companion. They are walking to a tree full of sweet fruit that they’ve visited many times before. Suddenly they hear a rustling in the long grass near the tree.


Sandler Training names new director of franchise development

[Global Franchise] Dave Hiatt, Sandler Training’s newly-named director of franchise development, started his career with the business as a franchisee almost 27 years ago.


The 21st Century Ride-Along

[Everyday MBA] Antonio Garrido discusses his book “The 21st Century Ride Along” and how sales leaders can develop their teams in real-time sales calls. What’s a sales team to do right now in the mist of Covid-19? What are best practices for sales teams suddenly thrust into…

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‘I Want to Establish Sandler as the First Place People Go When They Want Sustainable Results’

[The Silicon Review] In today’s extremely competitive business environment, having any edge over the competition is advantageous. An empowered, effective sales leader is a crucial component in the success of any company or business. One of the most important tools that a company can have to…

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The Critical Training and Development Priority for 2020

[Training Industry] The business leaders I’ve spoken with recently have said that, in response to the global COVID-19 crisis, they are thinking a lot about protecting their people. They’re also thinking about protecting their organizations and, specifically, on identifying the best ways to hasten, and support,…

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