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[Enterprise Selling], [NEWS]

Only a Real Risk Tests the Reality of a Belief 

[Top Sales Magazine] Of course, we’ve all been tested of late. And much has been written and discussed about positivity and optimism, traits that can certainly help people weather storms. But it’s the power of beliefs in the real risks referred to in Lewis’ quote that…


Be Intentional About Goal Time and Goal Facilitation

[ExecuNet] What is the big difference between a manager and a leader? Here is one that I’ve noticed. Great leaders are intentional about “goal time.” Let me explain. First, what do I mean by “intentional?” Managers who become truly effective as leaders embrace their management role…


The 21st Century Ride-along

[Blue Heron Journal] When you take on a tough job – a presentation, or a sales call – you never know.  But author  Garrido believes that what prepares us first and best is direct feedback.  Practice, practice, practice.  Or as I tell my clients, “Get on…

[Enterprise Selling]

KARE in Crisis

[Sales Pop] In turbulent times, it’s especially critical to stay connected with others, to help and to serve. While we typically think first of family and friends, our connections with clients and prospects in difficult times are important as well. In Sandler Enterprise Selling, we teach…

[Guest Blogs], [NEWS]

In a Newly-Virtual World, Are Ride Alongs Still Important

[Strategy Driven] All managers and leaders recognize that one of their most critical tasks is to develop the skills and competencies of their people. They agree, too, that one of the very best ways to properly understand the level of skill and competency of their workforce…

[Guest Blogs], [NEWS]

Four Keys For Transitioning To A Remote Sales Force

[CEO World Magazine] Can your team achieve its revenue goals without showing up in person at the office? The answer is yes…if they have the right leadership. Transitioning from a traditional to a remote sales force can be a challenging undertaking even when you have months to…

[Enterprise Selling], [NEWS]

Believe, Act and Win!

[Sales Pop] One of my favorite quotes comes from the famous religious leader, Buddha – “What consumes your mind controls your life”. While it’s universally applicable, I’d like to focus on how it relates to selling.

[Guest Blogs], [NEWS]

4 Mistakes Sales Leaders Make When It Comes To Motivating Their Team

[HR Magazine] Everyone wants a motivated, engaged, and goal-oriented sales force. But sometimes sales leaders make choices that don’t support the emergence of such a team. Below are the four most common mistakes I’ve seen managers make in this area, mistakes that have a way of…


Jennifer Seith with Randstad and Author Bart Fanelli

[Atlanta Business Radio] Bart Fanelli is a sales leader, entrepreneur, executive advisor, and platform developer who specializes in team building, sales execution, sales leadership methodologies, and global operational efficiency. He also co-authored “The Success Cadence”.

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