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The Intentional Sales Manager

[Blue Heron Journal] Ambition and pure drive are not the only keys to building a great sales company.  There are issues of raw ambition, overly aggressive competition, and the sheer limits of human energy to contend with, but sales coach Pat McManamon unlocks secrets to transforming…


8 retail skills that put you in demand

[Monster] The retail industry is powering ahead despite reports of store closings. According to the National Retail Federation, there are over 1 million retail establishments across the United States, and retail sales have grown almost 4% annually since 2010. In fact, during the holiday 2019 season, retail sales grew 4.1%…

[Guest Blogs], [NEWS]

What is reversing?

[Tales of the Sales] The Sandler strategy known as “reversing” is a simple, powerful technique that helps salespeople avoid the all-too-common problem of mutual mystification, wherein your client says one thing and you interpret it as something else — or perhaps you answer a question that…

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How to Uncover the Retail Customer’s Real Issue

[Retail & Food] When a retail customer asks you a question, do you immediately supply the best and most accurate answer you can? If so, you may be reducing the chance that the person will make a decision to buy.

[Enterprise Selling]

Losing Major Deals and the Black Boxes of Learning

[Sales Pop] In selling to and serving major accounts, no matter how effective you are, you must face a harsh truth. Losing happens. Regardless of your focus, time and effort, you’re certain to come up short on occasion.

[Enterprise Selling], [Guest Blogs], [NEWS]

Different Accounts Awaken Your Different Beasts

[Sales Pop] In Sandler Enterprise Selling, our KARE account profiling process has developed a worldwide following since it rolled out in 2015. It’s based on the premise that in selling, we group our accounts into designations – geographic, vertical, size-related and other logical buckets. Such categorizations…


Retail Success in an Online World

[Bold TV] Friends of Bold, Maria Dorfner and Cameron E. Jones are filling in to give you a great episode of Bold TV!


Required Reading: Dialogue Is the Key to Retail Sales Success

[CRM Magazine] Veteran sales trainer Rob Fishman notes in his new book, Retail Sales Success in an Online World: How to Compete and Win in the Amazon Era, that companies need to come to grips with the realities of how consumers shop today. If they don’t, they…


Hiring Experience Makes All the Difference

[Thought Leaders] I have had a number of bizarre hiring experiences which, supported by research and leadership experience, have led me to reach a number of conclusions about hiring, namely that it is an often undervalued and overlooked area which can have a profound impact on…

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