Sandler Shines in Franchise Business Review’s 2024 Culture100 List

Celebrating Excellence in Franchise Culture: Sandler Among the Top 100

In an exciting recognition of its exceptional franchise culture, Sandler has been named to Franchise Business Review’s prestigious 2024 Culture100 list. This accolade is a testament to the company’s dedication to fostering a supportive and thriving environment for its franchisees.

Franchise Business Review, an independent market research firm, is renowned for its rigorous evaluations based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. This year’s Culture100 list was compiled from surveys of over 36,000 franchise owners across more than 360 franchise brands. Sandler stood out among its peers, earning top marks in 17 unique areas that are critical to a robust franchise culture, including leadership, core values, franchisee community, and engagement.

Why Sandler Stands Out

At the heart of Sandler’s success is its unwavering commitment to its franchisees. According to the surveys, franchisees highly value the company’s supportive leadership and strong community ethos. This recognition underscores Sandler’s role in creating a positive and collaborative environment where franchisees can thrive.

Michelle Rowan, president & COO of Franchise Business Review, emphasized the importance of culture in franchise success: “Finding the right culture fit is an important part of any franchise investment decision, but it can be difficult to gauge. That’s why we gather data on how current franchisees rate a brand’s culture. It tells you whether franchisees believe the franchisor cares about their success and how well the community of support staff and franchisees work together to achieve their business objectives.”

About Sandler

Sandler is the world’s largest sales effectiveness training organization. Under the direction of Dave Mattson, Sandler’s Executive Chairman, the brand’s core values of company culture being a top priority serves as a guiding principle that originated from David Sandler, the company’s visionary founder.

“Company culture is a top priority of the Sandler leadership team passed down to each department, employee and franchisee. When a company wants to turn things around, rallying around a common culture mission should be a priority and that is what we have done,” states Mattson.

Sandler’s commitment to creating an outstanding franchise experience is further evidenced by recent survey results collected by Franchise Business Review. These results underscore the supportive and positive environment that franchisees enjoy within the Sandler network such as:

  • 93% of franchisees feel fellow franchises are supportive of each other.
  • 95% of franchisees are likely to recommend Sandler franchise ownership to others.
  • 91% of franchisees agree they enjoy being part of the organization.

The Significance of the Culture100 List

The Culture100 list is a vital resource for prospective franchisees, offering insights into the franchise brands that excel in creating supportive and successful environments. Brands on this list are rated significantly higher by their franchisees—between 20% to 50% more—compared to other franchise brands in key cultural areas.

For those considering investing in a franchise, Sandler’s inclusion in the 2024 Culture100 list is a strong indicator of its dedication to franchisee satisfaction and success. This recognition not only enhances the company’s reputation but also reassures potential franchisees of the supportive and thriving community they will be joining.

Why Entrepreneurs Choose Sandler

As Sandler continues to set high standards in franchise culture, its recognition in the 2024 Culture100 list serves as a beacon for those seeking a franchise that values and nurtures its franchisees. This honor is a celebration of the collective efforts of the company’s leadership and its franchisees, all of whom contribute to the vibrant and dynamic culture that defines Sandler.

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