Sandler Partners With Humantic AI to Redefine Sales Training in the Age of AI

Sandler announces partnership with Humantic AI.

Sandler, the leading global sales training firm, just announced a strategic partnership with
Humantic AI, which is set to expand Sandler’s legacy into the age of AI.


OWINGS MILLS, MD – March 15, 2023 – Sandler has been a long-time believer in people-centric sales methodologies. Sandler’s training program for salespeople across the globe includes training in personality frameworks such as DISC. Using DISC, salespeople are easily able to understand different kinds of buyers, how to effectively communicate with them, and increase their odds of winning a deal.

Humantic AI takes a similar human-centric approach to selling, but it leverages technology to enable this approach. At the core of Humantic AI’s comprehensive buyer intelligence solution is Personality AI, the personality prediction engine which accurately predicts any buyer’s DISC personality and offers sales reps insights on how to appeal to them.

“We are thrilled to partner with Humantic AI to offer sellers the ability to understand their buyers at the click of a button. This was a natural fit,” adds Fred Alexander, SVP of Growth and Development at Sandler. “Considering Sandler customers have always known their way around DISC selling, the only real gap was that sellers had to rely on intuition to guess their prospects’ DISC type. With Humantic AI, there’s now a way to scientifically know each buyer’s personality and alter the sales approach accordingly. And this is just the beginning!”

This partnership follows a two-pronged approach. The first directive is to equip Sandler’s trainers, franchisees, and customers with Humantic AI’s buyer intelligence solution. The goal is to keep the human element of sales intact while keeping up with the evolving landscape. In the future, given their strong mission alignment, the two companies also plan to collaborate in significant ways in terms of product and content.

“Any new technology – and especially AI – often creates distance between people,” says Amarpreet Kalkat, Founder and CEO of Humantic AI. “However, we can use that same innovation, that same AI, to bring people together. And that’s exactly what Humantic AI does. Making sales less transactional, and the world just a tiny bit more human. This partnership allows a cutting-edge innovator like Humantic AI and a legendary sales performance organization like Sandler to come together to help sales teams reach the next level.”



About Sandler

Sandler is the leading global sales professional development and performance improvement organization responsible for empowering over 50,000 sales professionals and leaders each year to master the craft of selling. Across over 230 office locations spanning 30 countries, Sandler propels the next evolution of sales with an evolved sales methodology connecting the modern seller to today’s buyer journeys. Visit

About Humantic AI

Humantic AI is a buyer intelligence platform that helps revenue teams identify early adopters, personalize outreach, and build better rapport. Its technology is anchored around Personality AI, which assembles detailed personality profiles that provide actionable recommendations to sellers. Some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies leverage Humantic AI and immediately see a 233% increase in response rates and a 6.2% increase in closed revenue. Visit