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The Sandler Approach

Take an approach that values long-term success over short-term quick fixes

Training only provides value and ROI if it’s actually implemented in the workplace

Your training investment shouldn't be a gamble.

We know that only a small percentage of people actually apply new skills in their jobs once the training is over. You need to know the results you can expect from your training investment.

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We apply our foundational philosophy to all our training and consultative services:


Sales Training

Takes our nontraditional approach of constant reinforcement for lasting change, whether applied to individual sales professionals or entire sales teams.


Corporate Training

Enables large, global or national companies to achieve their goals, whether for Sales, Customer Service or Management/Leadership.


Leadership Training

Helps managers and business leaders at any level of an organization become more effective.  

choose the sales training program that allows you to measure results

The Definitive Path to Sales Mastery

Continuing with our commitment to effective, scientific and methodical sales training, Sandler Certification delivers measurable results at every step as participants progress from competent to proficient.

Reinforcement accelerates real growth.

That’s why we take an approach to training that is scientific, methodical, proven and designed to accelerate your learning path. We call it “reinforcement training.” 

Our training uses repetition to help clients understand the principles and strategies that form our selling system, and then to develop the skills to put those strategies into action, and apply them in day-to-day business situations.

How Do We Do It?

Reinforcement training takes place through

  • Classroom training
  • Problem-solving workshops
  • High-energy boot camps
  • Interactive multi-media material via Sandler Online.

This combination of delivery methods will help your people more quickly master and apply their new skills. In turn, that will accelerate your learning path and multiply your successes.

The Sandler Blog

Sales, Leadership and Management

Sandler business experts and professional trainers offer insight and tips on current sales, sales management, leadership and management topics. We invite you to comment on our posts and to pass them on to your colleagues.

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