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The definitive path to mastering sales.

Because you want to protect and nurture your human capital investment

Another Sandler Difference

Sales training is an investment in people, and Sandler's Sales Certification program is the market leader for ensuring organizations know exactly how well their investment is performing.

A documented path to Sales Mastery

I’ve been involved in a lot of training programs through my years in the CPG Industry.  One stands out as willing to work with a diverse group of remote individuals around the country… Sandler!  We were able to utilize the online Sandler video program for certification.  My team was engaged in weekly and monthly online sessions that worked with their travel schedules.  The flexibility and ongoing support we received was superb!  Not only did the team like the approach more than the traditional one day selling sessions, but they were able to grasp the concepts and utilize the training in a more fluid, conducive process that worked for them.  The reinforcement was great and we can’t be more pleased with the Sandler Certification program!

Mark J. Tucker
Senior Vice President Sales, Blue Rhino


The Four Levels of Certification in Sales

The Sandler Certification program provides unlimited opportunities for Sandler sales professionals to enhance their sales skills as they advance through the four levels of certification. Upon completion, participants are awarded appropriate certification for each level.


The Bronze level focuses on knowledge. This level is designed to give participants the foundational understanding of the Sandler methodology so they can start applying the principles in their selling environment. Participants are required to successfully complete classroom training as well as a series of Sandler Online courses and examinations.


The focus of the Silver level is application of knowledge.  This level is designed to ensure that participants who have earned Bronze Certification are able to apply Sandler strategies and techniques to their selling roles. Participants are required to demonstrate classroom competency in the Sandler methodology, continued study through Sandler Online courses, and successfully complete exercises and role-play demonstrations.


The Gold level of certification focuses on skills, and is designed to ensure that participants who have earned Silver Certification are able transfer their learning and skills to effective behaviors in the field. Participants are required to demonstrate continued classroom competency in more advanced concepts, continued study through Sandler Online courses, and successful completion of exercises and role-play demonstrations.


The Master level of certification ensures that participants who have earned Gold Certification reach and sustain behaviors needed for top-tier performance. Participants are required to demonstrate completion of specialty designations and documentation of field performance results.

Over the past 2 years we have Sandler Bronze Certified over 25 people in our sales team. By the end of this year we will have a total of over 35 people certified, which we are extremely proud of. By putting our team through Sandler and eventually certification we have been able to differentiate ourselves from the competition on a major way. Our customers recognize us in a class of our own, and often comment that we are the highest caliber of sales people they work with. This would not be possible without Sandler, and the certification process has armed us with a whole new level of sales legitimacy.

Anthony R. Crissie
Director of Sales, LineDrive

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